Sunday, October 31, 2010

Setting up a daily routine.

In my first few days of "Stay at Home Daughter" endeavors, it became very clear that my schedule was really out of whack. I was staying up extremely late, sleeping in all morning... wandering around not getting things done, etc etc. I knew this needed to change if I was ever going to start being productive.

So last night before I went to bed (at 10:30, seriously early compared to normal) I wrote out a list of things I wanted to do everyday. Starting at 6:30am I wake up and shower/get ready, then Bible study, Breakfast, Piano, French (God help me), some kind of craft/project, house cleaning, leisure reading, and then history. That all adds up and lasts until about five in the evening.

I know it may seem so silly to schedule everything like that, but I really feel like I need to discipline myself to follow a routine, especially when I would much rather just snooze all day. I think this will really help me to be productive and meet some goals that I have set. Even the leisure reading. If I don't force myself to do things like that, it's easy to just say, "Oh I'll read some later" and then I never do it.

So here we are, my next step at this whole "Growing up" thing. Do you have some feedback? Does anyone else have a routine that they follow? :)


  1. This can be also be a struggle for older, married ladies like myself! Especially if one experiences a lot of interrupted sleep throughout the night!

    It was great seeing your smiling face in my Google connect box! May God bless your decisions and make your footsteps firm!

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  3. Hello!

    I don't necessarily have a strict routine, and I don't always get up as early as I should. Of course, now with NaNoWriMo, I'm getting up before 7am to write, and I've read a little of the Bible (I read more later).

    Then, generally, it's breakfast (sometimes I do a little homework first), homework, lunch, homework, chores, computer, dinner... Depending on the day, it can be different, and we'll see how the rest of Nov. goes. I'm probably going to try to get up before 7am on the weekdays for the rest of Nov., a habit that will hopefully continue on after this month! =)

    I am certainly not the queen of routine (oh, I just noticed, that rhymes! haha =), but that's how things generally go (so I guess it could be called a routine). Very common, I know...

    Anyway, I think it's great that you are doing this and striving to live how God wants you to! It can be so encouraging to see other young ladies who are doing what you are doing!